Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Four Cees

Circular Crochet Cushion Cover

I'm delighted to have finished this cushion cover which has been my knitting meetup and commuter "knitting" of choice lately.

In February we had a special Crochet night at our stitching group and this is what I chose to start. I knew all along from whenever I bought this Cascade 220 Paints yarn that I wanted to crochet with it because I wanted like colours to cluster together in splodges rather than the general hazy impressionist look I'd get when knitting with the yarn.
I bought this yarn from Eileen at mchattie@happyhills one evening last winter.

I'm happy enough with the way it turned out although I will have to learn that way of looping the yarn round your finger for your crochet start rather than doing a chain of six as I did here. I've been left with a visible tummy button as seen in picture four, but I'm thinking of hiding it with a crocheted button. I'm not taking it all apart again though just to fix on a button!

Now that it's finished it reminds me of those Flying Saucer sherbety sweets you get and it goes nicely with the Blue Monday Patchwork cushion I made a couple of years ago.

I took two attempts at side two because I had miscounted and ended up with a flouncy flary effect which I was trying to convince myself I could live with. In retrospect I am so glad I bit the bullet and frogged because how on earth could I have joined the two sides if one had all these superfluous stitches?

Although the yarn was not the softest to work with, it is absolutely fine for a household item and I must say it softened up a good bit in the wash.


Flavaknits said...

Clever you ! What a gorgeous crochet cushion cover, love the shades.


soCherry said...

Looks great - and I think a button would be a really nice addition - I see something flat, shiny with no holes in one of the colours of the yarn.

Paula said...

It looks fab.

LinnMarit said...

oooh, lovely cushion cover!! and btw..come on join a secret shawl, it's loads of fun! Let me know if you find one you want to do, and i'll knit along with you;)

Maggie said...

I think you did a smash-up job Kathleen!

tandemsandy said...

gorgeous cover and wonderful colours I am so jealous