Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hap-py Easter everyone

Happy Hap-py Easter to everyone. xxxxxxx K

Firstly, go and check out if you would, what I was doing exactly two years ago to the day

Blogger is playing me up terribly and eats my pix every time I try to re-order them or adjust the spacing so for now I'll have to leave the photos to do the talking, in a somewhat random order at that.

In brief-
Various views of me wearing my experimental Shetland Hap-like shawl made from Shilasdair Luxury DK yarn from the stash.
Unblocked size: Small village.
Location: Cliffs
Mood: Euphoric "I believe I can fly!"
Photographer: Thank-you Birthday Boy.

xxxxx K


Paula said...

It looks fabulous. Happy Easter.

Flavaknits said...

And the Hallelujah chorus plays in the background! IT looks fab! And so do you!


heather said...

It looks very fitting too in that setting Kathleen - I feel like you ought to have a creel of fish or something strapped to your back :0) But can I say - WOW. It's big (and lovely !) but BIG !!!

Sarah said...

Happy Easter- it looks great on you!

Emma said...

It's beautiful. You look so happy. Fab views. Happy birthday to the birthday boy ! Ingnore that Heather woman ! It's the perfect size. Especially for me...

Seriously, there's nothing worse than a stingy shawl !

soCherry said...

Looks fab - well done :) ... and what a location!

Twelfthknit said...

I am detecting a an Easter theme ;0)
I'm not usually a lover of hap shawls, but I think you have converted me with this. It's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Bootif, really bootif.

Stuffed Badger said...

Wow! That's a really beautiful shawl :-)

Sandra said...

Happy Easter! Now we know what are you gonna do in two years on Easter!
Shawl is amazing, and I can clearly see on you face how happy you are!

Anonymous said...

shawl looks really nice....that's a really nice photo of you...four down i think...compliments to the photographer...hope the weather stays nice for you both the rest of the week.
Roddy x

Creative Chaos said...

Hi Kathleen , thanks for your comment on my cards !!!
I really love your shawl !!! Most shawls are so lacy and cold , but yours looks real cozy and warm !!
Think I have to knit one too :-)
Patti xx

Creative Chaos said...

Kathleen, I hope it is okey if I add you on my blogrol, I want to see more beautiful things from you !!
Patti xx

cartside said...

Hi Kathleen, good to meet you at the Tron and what beautiful pictures of your amazing shawl!