Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knitting Freak!

I've been organising my photos and uploading a few to Facebook today and I've come across this photo of me walking into the "Secret Garden" at Threave Gardens a few times.

Every time I see it I think that the big blue patch of sky with the trees pointing towards vanishing point looks like a big blue triangular shawl sitting on a hedge!!!

I have a picture of my Shetland Triangle from three years ago affixed to show you what I mean. I am such a knitting freak, it's unreal. x K


Sandra said...

If you think you are freak - hear this: from my bedroomwindow I have almost perfect wiev on neighbou's roof and the look on those roof tiles from my bed creates something like knitting stitch pattern - And I am dreaming to knit baby blanket out of those "roof stitches"!

LinnMarit said...

I see what you mean!! Absolutely! lovely shawl as well as picture! Linn xxx