Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oldest Scot dies 108; the knitting community is the lesser for it

Here is an interesting "slice of life" story about Elizabeth Cockburn who passed away on Sunday, aged 108.

I enjoyed reading about her life on the croft, and the quote from her grandson,

"She carried on her hobbies and was still knitting away three weeks ago. I couldn't say what the quality of the knitting was like, but she kept it up to the end."

Quite cool having a grand-son who is 53!

Link to the BBC story Oldest Scot dies at 108

God Bless you, Elizabeth. x K

Edit: Since I published this five minutes ago they have changed the story! She is now "one of the oldest people in Scotland" rather than "the oldest".
Guess there must be other 108 year old Scots setting the BEEB right then! x K


Maria C said...

Boa Tarde!!!!

Gostaria de parabenlizar você pelos seus trabalhos, são Maravilhosos. Em junho de 2006, você postou Shetland Triangle, gostaria de lhe pedir o diagrama. No e-mail: maximainformatica2008@yahoo.com.br

Desde já agradeço.

Espero ansiosa.

Maria da Conceição

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathleen.What an inspiration that lady's life is! RIP Elizabeth.
Maggie xxx