Friday, July 02, 2010

Beautiful prize

Look at this beautiful prize I have won!
It's an Ishbel shawlette, in Malabrigo Sock yarn, Tinzano red.
I was knitted by Paula, A Celtic Stitcher , who made it as a prize for those who donated to her Race for Life fund-raiser.

I am absolutely thrilled with it- the yarn is luscious, the stitching is immaculate, and the pattern is a modern classic.

Here's a link to the page where P outlines the project and has some lovely photos. Linky

Real-life friend Paula has produced some beautiful knitting, as well as raising funds for a great cause. Thank-you very much for both :-D
If you see anyone swanning about wearing an RFL Ishbel neck-kerchief style, thinking she's the Queen of Sheba- that'll be me!!!
Aren't I the lucky one? x K


Flavaknits said...

It suits you so well! What a beautiful prize , well done Paula!
Enjoy your Ishbel , Kathleen!

Anonymous said...

Isn't she beautiful!