Sunday, July 18, 2010

Green Shoots

I am delighted to present a shawl I improvised myself from the beautiful Bitter Bug colour Bamboo and Merino sock yarn from Old Maiden Aunt which I got in the yarn preview club which ran last winter to give a taster of the different shades and sock-yarn bases available for this year's collection.

I knew this yarn could make a lovely shawl after having used it last year for a well-loved project .

I like it even more than the yarn I used last year because the colour is even more up-my-street, I adore this type of green and the variation in the hand-painted yarn gives it a multi-faceted look.

The little "Bitter Bug" was a charm which came as one of the extra goodies with the yarn preview club. I used him as a stitch marker while I was making the shawl and he looked so good with it I had to incorporate him into the shawl itself.

This project means a lot to me because it marks a bit of a renaissance of my interest in things crafty and after a rough few months it marks the first times in ages I've felt inspired and enthusiastic about *anything*, hence the name "Green Shoots".

It starts with stocking stitch then moves into a chevron stitch and was a delight to work with, in this top-notch yarn.

I'll be working with this yarn again, no doubt, and may have another go at this "pattern" too.

Green Shoots, aaah! x K


Sandra said...

the last pic truly shows the coloures of the yarn!
Love your improvisation of this shawl!

Karoliina said...

That's an amazing shawl!

Karie Bookish said...

Just .. a big big hug and a <3.


soCherry said...

Love it! :)

Emma said...

It's beautiful! The pattern goes really well with that yarn.

Paula said...


Flavaknits said...

It is truly lovely - I love the name too! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit more "crafty!" again . Can't wait to see the shawl in the flesh so to speak , must try and catch up with you soon. Take care