Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Wii cloth

I've never really understood how people can spend hours making cloths just to get them manky on dishes and grimy kitchens.

Face-cloths and shower puffs I can just about handle.
So, to practise my crochet I've made a little cloth to mop my fevered brow when using the Wii Fit Plus. I'm trying to improve my fitness, and using the Wii is one of the ways I'm doing it. Also watching the food and using the bike, taking a Pilates course, walking more etc. Wii Fit Plus on Nintendo page
I've now got a Gold Fit Piggy because I've been exercising on the Wii for more than forty hours. (A Fit Piggy is an on-screen piggy bank of your accumulated exercise minutes, every time you finish say, thirty minutes of Step on the Wii, it tallies up your thirty minutes.)

It's made from King Cole Bamboo Cotton Ravelry link which I had left over from a headscarf from last year. It's proving very useful because I do *glow* a little when I put the Riser on the Wii Balance Board and do a good session. If I dab myself it stops my glasses falling off when I try to do the yoga poses!

It washes like a ribbon in the machine, dries very quickly and has helped improve my crochet as well as my fitness. I have trimmed down a bit and am determined to continue getting healthier. x K


Sandra said...

Once upon a time I didn't understand why people are so crazy about knitted socks till I knitted me a pair!
Them I was confused about knitted/crocheted bath scrubs - till I got one and now I can't scrub this body without handmade one ...

Soooo many Wiis over you! Go!

Flavaknits said...

Well done you with the keep - fit - and - crochet! i always think knitted/crochet wash cloths look so pretty and work so well - couldn't imagine using one on dirty dishes - that is what a dishwasher is for! lol Mx