Sunday, August 08, 2010

Finishing touches

Here are my beautiful new shawl pins. I think they are so nice that even the wee prongs can be used alone on, say, smaller shawls or items which aren't even hand-knitted. :-0

I'm mostly going to let the photos and the links do the talking, but suffice it to say that it tickles me that even though I am not at home, I have four shawls to hand to model the shawl pins!
Shawl pin page on Jannette's Rare Yarns
Zeshane Indian Wooden Handicrafts


Sandra said...

those pins make those beautiful shawls even more cuter!

Mandy said...

Lovely shawl pins. Thanks for the links.

Alli C said...

Your shawls are beautiful as always Kathleen and I just ordered one of the pins (Shesham Wood Heart)as they are irresistable!