Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Ravelry for sewing?

It was my intention to show you my new shawl pins from Jannette's Rare Yarns tonight, but that will have to wait...

I have spent a while today uploading my few sewing projects onto a relatively-new sewing community called My Sewing Circle. This link is the join-up and log-in page and This one is the associated blog.

There's not much to see if you haven't joined the community (free and pretty much instant) but suffice it to say it's a place where people can upload their sewing project details, photos, fabric stash and join "circles" for specific interests and locations. Sounds familiar? Well yes, it is very much like what I imagine the big R must've been like in its very early days.

It's good, and it could be very good when the membership reaches a critical mass. It has a lot of the same features as Rav and derives its good ideas from there, make no mistake, but it lacks the amazing link-tastic nature of Ravelry.

I'm glad I found it, I've been looking for something like this and I hope to see some of you in there. My username is.....KEDkrafty! I think some of you may like it, maybe my online friends like Sandra in Croatia and Yvette in France for instance.

This has come at a good time for me because I've been doing a bit of patchwork machine sewing this week. Anyway, My Sewing Circle, let's see how it goes.


Sandra said...

Well, well, well, believe or not, but I signed in almost 4 months ago and forgot!!!!!!
Thanks for reminded me!
(I am Ranilt)

Mandy said...

So glad you found your way to My Sewing Circle. I am there as Mandy. I also have the same name on Ravelry.

Alli C said...

Hi Kathleen, how are you? Having recently got a new sewing machine I decided to join My Sewing Circle too! I hope it's as good as Revelry!