Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ingredients for Monster socks

*Regia Galaxy Jupiter Blau Pastel 1553 - few yards of, from the centre of the balls. From experience there is still plenty in the two balls in the stash to make socks for me.
*Pattern Prism by Jaya Srikrishnan, as used in my Pink Boot socks in 2008 (Still going strong). Good pattern in my view because you are carrying over some stitches from one colour band into another, and gives a hint of unity to the Monstersocks or Frankensocks.
*Leftovers of Regia Galaxy Jupiter Blau Color as used in DH's Navy Galaxies. (2008)
*Leftovers of Regia Mini Ringel as used in Stripy Jaywalkers (2006)
*Leftovers of Regia Mi
ni Ringel as used in Ribbed Ankle Socks (2006)

Yes, I admit it, I'm stalling because I can't show you pictures of the actual finished socks yet. Soon, soon I tell you. x K

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Flavaknits said...

Ah , I get it now , socks made with remnants of all those other gorgeous socks. Fabulous! Mx