Sunday, February 05, 2006

Is Spring on the way?

Don't know if spring is on the way as such but I've certainly started looking at the Spring 2006 mags.
As always I had a lovely time at the Knitting Meetup in the Tramway and decided to call in at John Lewis on my way home. Not least because India said they had DB Maya in the sale! They sure did, a fair amount of a light blue colour and a nice purple. Didn't indulge though. Was hoping they had some of the variegated stuff but it had all gone.
Anyway, not one to leave a yarn department empty handed I stocked up on Rowan Summer Tweed for a design called
Deep by our local Rowan design consultant (for the time being at least) Carol Meldrum taken from Rowan 39 .
As always, opinions vary when the new Rowan comes out but I am pleasantly surprised with this one. For me, if this magazine hadn't come up with the goods (to my taste) it was a deal-breaker, I wasn't going to be renewing my Rowan International membership, because the increasing costs were not being matched by what we were being offered. 37 disappointed me and 38 left me in despair, but there is plenty in this one to pique my interest. I'm not saying I will knit all (or any necessarily) of these but once you fight your way through the dressing up box styling I can say I like
Jinny from the cover amongst others.

Rambling Rose, Crinkle, Carolina, Frances all nice too. But Deep is the one for me to start with. Have already had a hold your arms out session with DH to ball some of the skeins so all that's stopping me is my long list of Works in Progress. Ha, ha, never one to be deterred by just a few unfinished objects!
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Mhairi said...

Hi Kathleen,
Yep, Deep looks good and was one that caught my eye too.
I will have to wait until some of my 6 projects are finished first (we'll see anyway!)
And the latest Rowan is looking good too - will be renewing membership as although I fancy the DB membership, it all a bit too dear for me.

Tracy said...

It's not too bad is it once you sit and have a closer inspection. When I first flicked through it was a case of "OMG look at that" and "what on earth is she wearing?" After plonking myself down with a mug of tea and more time, I just need 6 extra pairs of hands to knit it all.

carol said...

Still waiting for my copy across the pond here - but at least we can see the little pictures now. Nice choice for a first project. The colours look lovely.

Linda said...

I really like that lovely Summer Tweed one you picked. I'm going to start with Rambling Rose and a diet so it will look flattering. I'm still waiting to hold the magazine in my hot little hands.