Sunday, February 26, 2006

Go, Kathleen, Go!

Not only is Go, Kathleen, Go what it says on the pack of stickers J bought me for Valentine's Day (oh you thought it was the trip to Dublin?) but it is also the title of this picture.
It was taken in the lounge of the hotel we stayed at using a ten-second exposure of the shot. J asked me to keep my face fairly still while he photographed me knitting. I think the resulting blur is quite good fun. Look at those frenzied needles! I look a bit stern but it's just because I was trying to keep my face still.
I haven't been knitting too much this past week due to other commitments, but all being well, I'll get more of a run at it this week. Don't have many more knitting pix on the go at the moment, but I can show one pattern repeat's worth of Deep from Rowan 39. I like the way it's shaping up although it looks tiny bunched up on one needle, and the yarn seems really dry. I know all yarn you knit with is dry, but this feels dry too.
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Tracy said...

I'm sure I can see sparks ;)

Mhairi said...

Olympic knitting if ever I saw it !
And if you still need a home for your Simply Knitting Mags - I'll give them a good one@

carol said...

Great action photo - and those from the previous post too. How I would love a stroll down a windy prom right now! Summer Tweed is a little odd to knit with - what with the little sticks, stones and the dry feeling it has. Lovely tho once it has been worn a few times and broken in as such.

Linda said...

I think Rowan changes the recipe for Summer Tweed. I've knitted a couple of colours and they feel quite different. I'm thinking of using my green (Salad) to make Deep, if you are happy with yours, and the green feels very dry. But my (newer) pink feels supple and nice and smells nicer, too.

soCherry said...

isn't there some nationwide competition where the one who knits the fastest is the winner...
Cool photo :)

The boy took a wee video of me knitting when I didn't know - it wasn't all that pretty - I don't have a good knitting face!