Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Hi, have a look at my strategy for avoiding a long delay between socks one and two. Spent some money at getknitted on a few sets of dpns and now I'm doing two socks at a time.
Rib one, rib two; leg one, leg two; soon to be heel one, heel two etc.
These are my ankle Jaywalker socks by Grumperina from MagKnits at the end of last year. I was inspired to do them by this method, in fact I was inspired to do them at all when I saw India's at our last get together at the Tramway.
I haven't joined the Jaywalker Knitalong as such because it seemed to be getting a bit unwieldy for the organiser, but you never know, I may submit them for another sock ring.
The pattern is not at all difficult, I always let myself get hocussed into thinking that patterns are harder than they actually are, and I am LOVING the effect which the Regia Mini Ringel is bringing out to perfection, IMHO.
I got this yarn from the Gem Shop, King Street, Castle Douglas on one of our visits to see J's mother.
I am also really quite happy with Rowan 39, but I'll say more about that when the book becomes more widely available so I can back up what I'm saying with photos.
Happy Knitting!
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Midsummer night's knitter said...

Don't you just love a true romance - yarn and pattern, born to be together

Linda said...

I'm waiting, waiting, waiting, and not patiently for my copy.

Carol said...

Socks keep coming back to haunt me as I have yet to finish a pair. But everyone else seems to love making them - I often wonder whats wrong with me. Maybe the jaywalker pattern will do it for me - perhaps I should give this one a try. Rowan #39 not arrived on my shores yet either - but at least we can see pictures now from Colourway and Rowan etc. It looks good - I can't wait.

Heather said...

They're lovely Kathleen. I just happen to have some Mini Ringels in my stash too - although given the speed I knit socks at it could be some time before a pair saw the light of day !