Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Two massive sleeves. Soon be time to pick up stitches for the collar. Posted by Picasa


Mhairi said...

Hi Kathleen, the jumper is fair coming on - I know what you mean about sleeves.
Knitting in Colinette, everything gets bigger every time you pick up the needles.
Still you've got a good Scottish Summer jumper there!

Heather said...

so, did you shoretn them in the end to avoid the gorilla arms look ? You must be just about finished the whole thing now ?

Kathleen said...

Yes, shortened the sleeves to probably just one turn-up. Have got the collar underway - again I think I'll shorten it from the recommended 20cm, then the mammoth seaming party! I think it will be a good Scottish summer jumper too, because it's kind of cosy, kind of cottony, so a bit of a mixture of seasons, like all good Scottish summers. x K