Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Ha, he tricked me, he didn't take me to Glasgow Green, he took me to The Wallace Monument instead. Nice run through to Stirling, good walk up Abbey Craig, and up the 432 steps to the top. Very exhilarating and great view in all directions.
There is an exhibition on each level so you don't have to do all the stairs at once, thankfully. As you coiled round the narrow stone spiral staircase you could hear the audio visual display of the next floor getting closer. It motivates you to get excited about hearing about Scottish history, if only for a breather. It's very well-done actually.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and it was just what I was looking

for in an afternoon out. Posted by Picasa

Ben Ledi and the Trossachs.

And just in case, you're wondering, McAree Brothers is shut on a Sunday. Trust me, I looked!

I've finished my two big sleeves, which are only fractionally smaller than the front, but I've still got a bit of work ahead of me.

Added later: Forgot to tell you that the fajitas were delicious!

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