Sunday, April 23, 2006

Colours of evening

Ladies and gentlemen, by the power of the self-timer on the camera, I can share with you my race against time to get some outdoor pictures of my latest finished object before darkness fell on Alexandra Parade.

This involved much tilting of the camera on thorn bushes, precariously balancing it on the fence of the duck pond and such like. Yes, as usual, I must have looked really sweet! I think DH was too tired after our walk round
Hogganfield Loch to go out parking again.

So, I present you with pictures of me in my Garter Rib Sweater, as designed by Martin Storey, from Classic Knits for Real Women. It was made in 16 balls of Rowan's All Seasons Cotton, shade copper, bought for a VERY good price from getknitted

I made size 4, (not that kind of size 4, as if!) and I enjoyed not having to tinker with the pattern or needle sizes or whatever to get my size. I had thought though that if I made a pattern for a woman my size, in the recommended yarn, I would not have to do my usual tinkering. Not quite, I shortened the sleeve length. I prefer bracelet length to a foot too long length. This meant (here come the inevitable consequences) that the rib pattern didn't match perfectly for setting in the raglan sleeves. Fudgity fudge fudge - it matches where it matters. I also toned down the cowl neck a bit. I get claustrophobic in things with too much happening close to my neck.
Overall, really pleased.
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Linda said...

Kathleen, its looking lovely. The stitches look good in closeup, too.
I'm 5'3", too, and always annoyed by sleeve lengths too, but they can be too long or too short. I think the designers randomly think of numbers, sometimes, with no reference to the human arm.

Mhairi said...

Matching?? The jumper looks great, well worth the effort, and with sleeves perfect for the person wearing it.
It'll be great on those "balmy" Scottish summer evenings....talking of I'd better get back to my knitting!

Kathleen said...

Yes, Mhairi, with the rib lines on the armhole aligning with the rib lines on the sleeve. I'll wear it to the meetup and show you. x K