Saturday, April 29, 2006

My last yarn purchase.

No, not a typo for My lastest yarn purchase but yes, indeed, my last yarn purchase for 90 days.

90 days! I've been working up to telling you all week. J has been doing a lot of tidying, organizing and spring cleaning this week and while I was joining in a little bit I came to the decision that I will have to go where many's the brave knitter has gone before - I am not going to buy any yarn for a few months and will instead try to use up some stash yarn.
It was one of those moments where I was thinking that I have some really lovely stuff here, but I hardly even see what's below the surface because I'm always topping up. I still like the vast majority of what's in my storage boxes, but it's like a wardrobe, when it's overstuffed you can't see what you've actually got. I could buy more storage boxes but I feel as if I am gradually bricking up the spare room window! So, now that my ebay consignment of All Seasons Cotton has arrived, I am not going to add to the stash until the end of July. (20 balls of Peaches & Purr, discontinued colours.) I am allowed to buy one or two balls of something in case of emergency if I run out of yarn to finish a project, but no, I can't cheat by buying something and immediately using it before it joins the stash proper. I may miss some bargains on the way, but I hope the added accessibility will make up for it. I also have one tiny joker I can't say too much about at the moment. Oh boy, wish me luck, I may well need it.

Thank you for all the lovely comments and compliments on Pumpkin. I am delighted that several people have mentioned that they think it is a nice colour on me. I know not everyone would buy or wear that colour, but I was quite drawn to it and I think it's paid off. Your comments are very kind. x K
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Anonymous said...

Good luck, beauty!


carol said...

Woah Kathleen, go easy there - no more yarn purchases! :))
Seriously tho, I am in the process of some serious stash reducing and I must admit it feels good. I had no hope in knitting up what I had -and didn't even want to for most of it, so ebay there it goes. I am now free to buy again without guilt, and I am finding I am actually knitting up more as I buy it.

Linda said...

I'm feeling overwhelmed my stash, much as I still love it, too. (PS I love Peaches ASC, but look awful in Peach, thankfully.)I've worn a Rowan top every day this week, including to work, so feel very fancy! Nice when you can pretend to justify your knitting, tee hee.

Mhairi said...

Kathleen - all power to your purse and determination. I am too weak to make such promises yet! And with my pal moving to NY - I've already told her which yarn shops I wish to visit(Hopw they aren't up skyscrapers as I don't have a head for heights!)