Tuesday, January 16, 2007

300th anniversary of the Act of Union

In 1707 the Act of Union was signed.

Here's a song based on a 1700s text brought to my attention by Dick Gaughan on the subject.

Independence AND harmony with our neighbours? Now there's an idea........

What's the spring-breathing jasmine and rose ?
What's the summer with all its gay train?
Or the splendour of autumn to those
Who've bartered their freedom for gain?

Let the love of our land's sacred rights
To the love of our people succeed.
Let friendship and honour unite
And flourish on both sides the Tweed.

No sweetness the senses can cheer
Which corruption and bribery bind.
No brightness that gloom can e'er clear
For honour's the sum of the mind.

Let virtue distinguish the brave,
Place riches in lowest degree.
Think them poorest who can be a slave,
Them richest who dare to be free.

Hope Dick sings this when we go to see him at Celtic Connections this year.


Anonymous said...

Reading the paper , there is a convenience in Bella Pasta in Edinburgh where apparently the signing took place! Magnus Linklater wrote a good piece in the times too.
Enjoy Celtic Connections - I'm never organised enough to book anything!

carol said...

Thank you for the reminders of historical events. Living so far away - I sometimes forget where I am from and the history of my people.