Sunday, January 28, 2007


These lovely snowdrops were waiting for us on our back "lawn" this morning. They are so pretty and fragile looking I thought I'd better whip out the camera straight away.

Ok, now why not go over and pay a visit to my friend Mhairi's new blog Flavaknits .
She's got a new camera, some knitting needles and a crochet hook, and she ain't afraid to use them!

As I type this she's probably at the Glasgow Knitting Meetup, which I am missing as I am out in the countryside looking at snowdrops and pregnant sheep etc. x K


Anonymous said...

Snowdrops look lovely - reminds me of my Gran who planted some in her garden. She had purloined them from the old graveyard!
Thanks for the comment.

sandra said...

We also have spring here! And Snowdrops! And all out fruit trees have buds! I am really looking for real winter!

carol said...

Sadly its too hot for snowdrops here - thanks for the memories..

yvette said...

Hi Kathleen
Heather sent me to ask you for help in explaining COD and COI in french grammer, can you maybe recommend a book that explains it in english.....
Your snowdrops are gorgeous hope it doesn't get too cold again.

yvette said...

hi Kathleen its complement object direct and complement object indirect but I don't know what that translates to in english, therein lies part of the problem!!