Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's Frothy Man!

This is the Froth scarf which came as a Members' Bonus with Rowan International last year. I chose the colour "Trance" as my renewal goodie.

Here is the pattern made up in "Heavenly" Kid Silk Haze and "Medici" Kid Silk Spray. I made the scarf both wider and longer than the original pattern, but I wasn't restricted by yarn amounts as you would be if you used the two balls provided. I basically kept going with the main shade until I had virtually run out of yarn from two balls (160cm) and made the ruffles with the toning colour. I M*A*Y have been able to eke out the edging by holding both ends of one ball of the contrast, but I was working to a deadline and preferred just to use two balls simultaneously.

I knew this was a lovely pattern because I had seen various versions knitted up at my Knitting Meetup Group and I have to say I was delighted how it turned out. The silk content gives a lovely gloss to the yarn too. Bearing in mind I made the scarf larger in all dimensions than the original pattern I ended up casting off 885 stitches for the ruffle - twice!!! (One long and one short edge at a time.) That's a lot of stitches, even for someone who has knitted a few shawls by now.

This was given as a Christmas present to my father-in-law's wife, Cynthia. She was delighted with it and it made all of those ruffle stitches worth it when she said that although she had knitted for others for years, no-one had ever knitted anything for her before. Well worth it. Another first is that this is the first time I have truly been at one with knitting KSH. Re-sult!
(By the way, "It's frothy, man" was a slogan used years ago for Cresta sherbet crystals you stirred into cold water to make a fizzy drink.)Posted by Picasa


Mhairi said...

Heavenly by name...heavenly to look at (and wear no doubt). It must have been difficult to give away, especially after 885 x 2 stitch cast - off... ouch!

Anonymous said...

It's so lovely, the colour and the sheen off the yarns are gorgeous!

Also, what a lovely reaction from the *giftee* - as knitters, we really can't get a lovelier response than that! It must have made all 1660 (ish) stitches worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Kathleen!

The scarf looks georgeous and how lovely to get such a good reaction from Cynthia. Will there be a photo of her modelling it?

See you soon!

carol said...

It is frothy man (yes I remember too) but oh so gorgous, warm and cuddly looking. Nothing better too than a delighted recipient.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Lovely scarf - I love the ruffles:)

Elaine x

Anonymous said...

I think you SHOULD keep knitting scarves! That looks so yummy. I keep looking at my kit, and know one of these days I will finish it up. Or start it- haha!!

Poshyarns said...

Oh it is lovely, I made mine last year and keep meaning to make another. I think I will cast on again soon and probably borrow your idea of mixing it with toning spray yarn, it works really well.

I like your larger version but don't think I could face that many stitches!! Eeek.

Nora said...

It's beautiful - well done.