Saturday, January 27, 2007

Call the SSPCA

Call the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Or perhaps the SSPCA if you are north of the border.

I don't do pets as you know, but I feel sorry for this noble beast being dressed up like a dolly in a pram.
I would to see me try to dress up Wesley the Weimaraner who works at M and D's in such kit.

There are many things about Rowan I do like, but I think this Knitted Dog Coats or words to that effect is a step too far. Poor creatures.
I nearly piddled my breeks when I read Yarn in my Pocket's warning that a jumper made from Big Wool even makes a whippet look fat. Thanks very much for the links. x K


Anonymous said...

One might also need the SSPCK - to prevent cruelty to knitiing ;0

Amelia said...

That's just wrong. Plain wrong. Mind you, it wouldn't cross mind to knit for an animal. Poor things.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord - at least put the puir beastie in a colour that suits!
I draw the line at Doggie blankets myself.
I know two wee doggies that wear tartan raincoats - this is definitely for the owners, to save them drying the dogs off when they get inside.

Anonymous said...

Actually some dogs, like greyhounds and whippets, have so little body fat that they need coats to stay warm. When the temperature is around freezing, I put a fleece jacket on my greyhound... a lot like a horse blanket. But I wouldn't put it on a dog that didn't need it. :)

Kathleen said...

There are dog jackets and then there are dog jackets Hege! If I had a wee thin dog which needed a boost I would NOT do it up in a mock-jumper or lacy coverlet. :-) Entirely academic of course.

Anonymous said...

I agree. There should be some dignity. :)

Linda said...

It is so long in the body that if he is a boy, he'll wee on it the first walk he has.