Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dragged through the mire

I know I told you I wasn't looking forward to doing yards of rib on this little number, but I'm sure you'll agree that's no reason to start dragging it through the mud at the municipal dump!
I know this isn't the clearest picture ever, but if you get the idea that there's this knitting and it's caked in dirt then you're pretty much up to speed.
This is what happens when you unwittingly let your yarn and knitting get tangled around your legs as you step out of the car to help unload packing materials into a skip. The man was shouting at me "Haw hen" ("Excuse me, my dear") "yer trailin yer knittin".
Not pretty and is delaying the sewing up operation even further. (I have to join the raglans before I do the famous rib.)
I blame our new car. Well, it can't have been my fault, can it?


Sarah said...

Oh no. No no no... It has to be the car's fault.
(cute car by the way!)

sandra said...

Since I am agoraphobic, I don't have mud dirt on my knitting, but cofee stains - that's the story of my life!

carol said...

Thanks for the translations! Has to be the cars fault tho - at least mud washes out.

heather said...

You and Stanley Baxter would get on fine with the parliamo Glasgow :0) Hope the knitting cleaned up !