Monday, February 19, 2007

French for Dummies lesson #450

Okay, so we can't find the camera. It's not lost it's just "misplaced" in our home, but you all know what the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame cathedral look like anyway, don't you?
If you can't wait there's always Google Images in the meantime.

You don't really want to know about the beautiful sites we visited anyway, do you? You want to know if I BOUGHT STUFF, don't you? Well, yes I did buy stuff.

But firstly, I learned stuff too.
I learned that mache with a circumflex is lambs lettuce and the word for sea bass.
When my credit card wasn't cooperating in the chip and pin machine I learned to tell the assistant Il faut la passer a la piste with a grave on the a. (You'll have to swipe it.)
I was delighted to learn that France no longer has any unemployed people, hourah!!! ;-)
Only demandeurs d'emploi (job seekers)

And I learned that Alpaca is alpaga.

I bought four lovely skeins of it in le Bonmarche on the rue du Bac and rue de Babylone corner.
Plassard 100% Alpaga des Andes
4ply weight? Size 3mm needles anyway.
180m per 50g ball.
I feel some lace coming on!

I did also buy some other very unusual yarn which I haven't seen at home but it's earmarked for a gift, so I can't say too much yet.

You may also notice the scarf lengths in two colours of crushed velvet in the top picture. They were bought in the Droguerie concession within the same store. Must get the sewing machine out and rustle up a posh scarf for myself. I can see a beaded edging of some sort in my mind's eye.

In the Droguerie section I also bought a corsage making kit. It was so lovely to buy from helpful, knowledgeable staff.

Off to resume the search for the camera. I may be gone some time! x K


Anonymous said...


DH 21.2.07

Flavaknits said...

The yarn looks beautiful! Fancy trying some lace myself but got a mohair jumper to finish first!
I think I need a French refresher course - tried to say something the other day and the phrase just wouldn't come !

heather said...

Lovely intense blue yarn Kathleen and sounds like a great trip !


carol said...

Its so funny to read that there is no unemployment in France - just "job seekers" I love how these politicians twist and turn the stats!