Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vast plains of rib

Colours are for fun, not links.

I have completed the back of this jacket in Twilley's Freedom Spirit yarn.
I have whizzed through left front.
I have successfully reversed the shapings for right front.
I have survived two and a half long weeks of not just Sleeve Island, but its more remote and more desolate counterpart Raglan Sleeve Island.
And now I have to face the biggest challenge yet- the acres of tundra known as the Vast Plains of Rib. And I do mean vast. Pick up and knit 650 odd stitches and do short row shaping on 3mm. Sounds like a great laugh.
Don't hold your breath waiting for this one to be finished!


Anonymous said...

But!!! It is going to be beautiful!!!

Maggie said...

That was me

Sarah said...

Oh my. You ARE brave. It is going to be wonderful though and I will be waiting to see it finished!

RoxyKnits said...

Why is it the hardest bit is always the last??? You think they're there and somehow that last bit seems to take longer than the rest put together. Strange that ;)

Thanks for letting me know I was on the Flikr show for Get Knitted's opening. I'd no idea and it was nice to see the pics.

I had tried leaving a comment yesterday but blogger was not happy ;(

carol said...

OOch - thats a lot of stitches. But what a nice cardi that will be when done.