Sunday, June 24, 2007

Balcary Bay

Quite often on this blog I give you a view from Balcary Bay. I don't think I've ever given you a view OF Balcary Bay before because of its location.
Well, here is a rare view of good old Balcary Bay!
Last weekend we went out in a boat (glorified rowing boat really, don't be picturing me on a luxury yacht) to Hestan Island and this is the view looking back. If you can see a yellowish beach on the left, that's where I usually stand posing with shawls etc, it's strange for me to see it from this perspective. The water is the Solway Firth at high tide.

Ok, craft content. Knitting? Check. Interminable ribbing on a Twilley's Freedom Spirit Cardigan. Crochet? Check. Making a bag from Sirdar Indigo, one side complete. Patchwork? Check. Have made four "Shoo-Fly" blocks from the leftovers from the blue and white quilt top. Dress-making? Not this week, does buying fabric count?

I hope to show you some nice FO pix soon. I am really quite uncharacteristically stressed at work at the moment and haven't had a chance to really get tore* into my projects this week.

I know get torn is grammatical, but get tore in is the idiom.

Have a good crafty week. x K
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