Sunday, June 10, 2007

Coming clean

Thank-you for all your lovely comments about my quilt top- now get working on yours, you skivers!

I've been holding out on you, Part the Second.

I've been attending a Dressmaking Course at Cardonald Cottage. I've just completed Course F and thoroughly enjoyed it. I got a lot out of the tuition, as you do, but also I learned tons and got a lot of inspiration from my classmates. (This is nothing to do with my quilting, which I've been plugging away at with the help of books and the internet.)

I've been holding out on you, Part the Third.
I've made myself a skirt! It's in a linen and cotton blend and I made it from Butterick Pattern B4557 (scroll down, she's wearing a black top and a patterned black skirt) at my class. I'm going to make myself at least one more, using some patterned black fabric, (another linen with white surface embroidery) I'm a sucker for advertising.

The photos are 1- front view 2- back view showing darts and zip 3- waistband, couldn't get matching bias binding so I went for a toning colour.

According to the quilting books you can make your own bias binding in the matching shade, but this is a beginner project, I've never sewn anything to wear before.

Unlike some lucky people, I don't have a Vianne or Dianne or Leeanne or anyone to stand very still for me while I fix the hem or photograph the finished product, so I have to stick with a humble hedge.

I've been holding out on you, Part the Fourth.
I've recently been treated to a
New Sewing Machine !!! It's model 3210, the simpler, blue one. I love it! I'm even learning to use it properly.

No more revelations to break at the moment.

Happy crafting and I hope you enjoyed World Wide Knit in Public Day. x K


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Well done with that skirt. I've got an Elna, too. The same as yours Well - almost. It's a 2130 and not nearly as fancy ;0)

Linda said...

My husband bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday, with lovely easy modern tension. Everything is so much easier.

Flavaknits said...

All you secret sew - ers . Skirt looks great - have fun with the new sewing machine

Amelia said...

Gosh, you're awfully talented! I went on a course to learn to sew but I think it mostly went in one ear and out the other. I may just have to stick to knitting :)

Sandra said...

Last year, on my b-day, FIL bought me mega sewing machine and all that day I was totally in clouds!!!! People were talking to me and I didn't hear anything... I was just smiling like Mona Liza!

carol said...

You are clever Kathleen - so multi- talented. Lovely skirt, and one that is made to fit. Much better than the off the peg stuff.

Sarah said...

I love to sew my summer clothes, you're inspiring me to get my machine out!

Wee Minty said...

You're a fly one!! Well done you - and you have had time to knit and crochet too? When do you sleep/work/eat/etc?

I think you and India must have shares in Nescafe ... or something!

Maggie said...

Your skirt is tres chic Kathleen!! Way to go. Congrats on the new sewing machine. I plan on taking some sewing classes when I get back to Vancouver, so that I can use mine