Saturday, July 12, 2008

Coughed up

Ok, after much deliberation I've coughed up and signed up for a Pro Account at Flickr so I can load more than 200 photos.

For the last wee while some of my photos have not been visible cos I had exceeded the 200 mark. (They pop up again when you take the plunge and pay.) I had been swithering because I don't grudge paying the £13 or so for this year, but I can't imagine I'll want to go back to a free account so it's a commitment for the foreseeable.

Anyway, you may notice that I am loading quite a lot of completed projects on Ravelry over the next while, I've not become a prolific knitting robot, it's just I've got the Flickr space to load the photos now. Some of them date back a good couple of years.

And in case you didn't know, my Flickr name is KEDkrafty. x K

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Anonymous said...

I ended up having to go to the Flickr Pro account mid last year. 200 photos fills up fast!