Friday, July 18, 2008

User-friendly version?

A user-friendly version of the comparison DH made, mentioned in last post?

Missus wummin is not unlike the girl styled on the cover of the latest Rowan, although she is facing the opposite diro.


Kathleen said...

This is a big deal for me because I've only just learned how to screenshots and I've just heard the expression "bit-map". x K

drenka said...

I like this comparison. Both pictures are so similiar.

Anonymous said...

Ok my wee sister, you lost me on this one, although, I do recognise, excuse the Canandian spelling, somewhat of a similarity to some of my favorite paintings, lady with pearls, of course, but one I am not sure of the title. Is it biblical? Regardless, your talent for designing is remarkable. I am so proud of you. We must revisit that wee Tapis bar in Glasgow, this time our treat. I have such fond memories of that evening. Love you so much, your biggest Sister. Anne.