Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Hip Knits, Jim, but not as we know it!

Firstly thank-you for the kind comments about the Adamas headscarf.

Ok, now, a knitting-related excursion.
Last week we paid a visit to Shambellie House in New Galloway , which is hosting a temporary exhibition called Hip Knits but which has nothing to do with what we think of when we hear the expression HipKnits. They were also very liberal with the expression "Get Knitted" too, both of which I thought would stir up legal connotations, but anyway, to the exhibition.

Well, it was quite nice. Damned by faint praise? Yeah. I knew it would be a small exhibition because I had visited the museum before and new which room the temporary items are housed in, so it wasn't that. It was that the only two pieces of hand-knitting in the room were 1) a stringy very avant-garde Vivienne Westwood drapey thingy and 2) the jumper I was wearing.

Granted, it didn't spell out in the publicity blurb there would be hand-knitting, but I (wrongly) assumed so, particularly with them bandying words like Hip Knits and Get Knitted on their pamphlets and posters etc. Ah, the power of language!

So, it was virtually all machine knits, some of which were very nice, but left me feeling a bit meh. I wouldn't say, don't go to the exhibition, but I would say,"Don't travel long distances and/ or come with high expectations!"

I look some pictures, but as flash was not allowed they didn't turn out well enough to blog. Just picture a generic-looking Pringle Argyle in baby-pink and black in a size 8. Ah, the power of the mind, I'm sure you're "looking" at the exact same picture as me! x K


soCherry said...

Good to know - I was thinking of making the trip as the flyer looked so enticing - it certainly seemed to be based on handknits...
Hope you had fun anyway :)

What was the jumper you were wearing?

Elaine x

Kathleen said...

Ok, that would be "I Knew which room the temporary items..." The k on this eyboard is gammy. x athleen. (This ruse is not really working, is it?) x K