Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello sailor!

When stylist Gok Wan said the sailor look was going to be big this summer and every summer, I doubt this is what he had in mind!

This is my latest headscarf. (I know, I don't what the addiction is, I'm also hooking one at the moment.)

It's made from white, tomato and navy Patons 100% 4ply coton, which is the same stuff as the Adamas.

There's a little crochet shell border which isn't too well-seen in the pictures.

I needed it today to keep the sun from frying my hair in scorchio Galloway. xK

1 comment:

TangledFrog said...

Actually, I think the crocheted edge looks quite nice. Love the action shot of you inflating the life vest, though, in the middle of a field! Tee-hee!