Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last photo. We Donnellys do seem to scrub up okay.

Talking of photos, here is a sneak preview of what I have been knitting these past few days. I have taken this cryptic artistic crop so as not to give the game away too much. I'll give you all the project details after Santa has been!

So, loaded? Won the lottery? No, 'fraid not, loaded with the cold. Head so so fuzzy. Things I would normally take in my stride have seemed like a major challenge to understand, never mind tackle. Heid full o cotton wool. Didn't feel like going to the knitting meetup in Mono last night, just wanted to snuggle up with duvet and Corazon. (Large soft toy puppy.) Anyway, definitely on the mend and now that the cough is not keeping me up I feel more on form to face things.
I'm building up my energy for the weekend!
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Anonymous said...

Hope that you feel better soon. I am intrigued by the knit. On my monitor there looks to be embroidery - a flower maybe and the bottom is knit in a glisteny/lame type yarn. A scarf maybe or a little girls cardi?

Kathleen said...

You're a super sleuth, Carol! I am feeling better day by day thanks. xK

Midsummer night's knitter said...

whew - glad you're feeling better - just in time for Saurday :0)