Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pressies ahoy!

Okay, now that the recipient has opened this and seems pleased with it, I can tell you what your sneak preview was last week.

It's a scarf I made for my friend D in a German wool called "Softwool" by Schachenmayr or Nomotta, can't quite tell by the label. It is edged in a fluffy eyelash called Calista. Bit of quick embroidery in KidSilk Spray and the centre of the flower in the fluffy Calista. Got this yarn in 2002 in Frankfurt in the Karstadt department store. I was so naive, I saw all these blue Santas and I was amazed to think German Santas were all blue until I eventually realised that it was only this shop's Santas which were blue like their signs etc. Would be like having green and gold Santas in M&S. Only took me, like, three days to realise. :-o

Quite pleased with it. D tells me that the rusty coloured bias scarf I made her last year is pretty well travelled. Has gone on her city hopping breaks with her this year. Next year maybe she can get something other than a scarf if she's really really good!
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Kathleen modelling scarf before embroidery was added.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Has your cold cleared up ? Not many sleeps now...

Kathleen said...

As of today, my cold is officially three weeks old. Happy birt... na, don't think it deserves a song, although it is a record.
I am now feeling sufficiently clear headed to see everything I still have to do before Christmas. Maybe tomorrow I will be clear headed enough to actually start some of it. x K

Anonymous said...

Well, you certain look cozy enough in that!
Sonja x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous scarf - and lucky friend!