Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blue 'n' Stripy # 1

If you like things which are blue and stripy then you've come to the right place.
How'd'you like my Jaywalker Ankle Socks? They are identical twins made from Regia Mini Ringel 4ply. I got the pattern from MagKnits Sept 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed knitting them, and because I knit them simultaneously I didn't have that psychological barrier of the endless second foot. I'm going to knit socks this way from now on. They took me five weeks, which is not exactly speedy, granted, but it sure beats my record.

My grafting is also getting better each time, so a success all round. I'm really happy with them and I don't think it will be too long before I make another pair, or maybe Jaywalker mittens next time
This second shot shows off the chevron pattern. (Excuse the camera strap.) I also like the slip stitch heel, which I've never done before.

In other blue stripiness I can show you the back of Deep from Rowan 39. It isn't quite as tiny now that it is off the needles, thankfully. What you can't see is the plate of spaghetti which is all the ends to darn in, but I can't show you that because I know some of you are of a sensitive disposition.
Watch this space for progress on Deep and another blue stripy creation in Sirdar Denim. It has stalled a bit, which is a nightmare as the intended recipient is getting bigger every day.
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Tracy said...

Ohhhh, those mini Ringels worked really well, lovely!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

nnn, I'm detecting a blue stripe theme here. Looks good, though.

Linda said...

The socks are lovely and what a perfect pair. I'm looking forward to seeing Deep because I'm thinking of doing it with some green Summer Tweed from stash. Don't know what stripe colours, though.

Anonymous said...

The socks look great Kathleen - just right for this time of year anyway. I'm off to see if my LYS has the Lana Grossa sock yarn in yet, cos my toes are cold.
BTW, how did you manage to get them identical ?

Mhairi said...

Oops, forgot my name above!!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the nice comments, I must say I'm lovin these little sockies.
To get them identical Mhairi I just cast on the 1st one at the very beginning of a colour length and made a note of where it was in the sequence once it started to emerge. Then I made a point of starting the second one in the same place. As they were ankle socks, I wasn't afraid of running short because of a small wastage.
Linda, I think a green Deep sounds lovely, I am seriously thinking of doing another in oaty, browny colours and I haven't even finished this one yet!
x K

Anonymous said...

your socks look gorgeous. i am thinking of using up some of my lornas laces to make the jaywalker socks. i love the way you got them to match! :0)

vera x