Sunday, March 26, 2006

Anatomy of a reader!

He he, I've got you guys and gals sussed - I get a dozen or so comments when I acquire vast quantities of yarn, and next to nothing when I give you a unique insight into the Scottish criminal justice system, tells me a lot! :-)
Oh well, you'll just have to humour me then when I tell you I am delighted about the ban which has come into force today in Scotland - no smoking in enclosed public places.
Yippee! I am delighted by this forward-looking move by the Scottish Executive and it means not only will people who work in bars and cafes etc be spared all the passive smoke, it means I will be able to breathe, knit, chat, breathe, eat and breathe in cafes round the city.
I think it will also be great because I worry for my friends who don't smoke during the week but have a smoke after a few drinks. They associate it with a night out, but they're not hard-core addicted as such. I'm sure the thought of having to go outside will make that "social cigarette" less appealing and they'll greatly cut down or give up.
I know there will be teething problems with this, but all round I'm really looking forward to it. Must say, I enjoyed the smoke-free pubs on the recent Dublin trip.
I also know it's not a cure-all and acknowledge that there are things which I could do to impact on my own health bla bla.
Feel free to say if you disagree with me, but if you're in the mood for a vitriolic rant, save it for your own blog.

Btw, yes I do knit, I do own a camera and I haven't forgotten your headscarf question Carol.
All the best, K x


Ann said...

Congratulations on your new fresh air! I lost my mom years ago to lung cancer, so it is just thrilling whenever there's a measure put in place to encourage people to do something other than smoke. Yay Glasgow!

Ida said...

Congratulations on the smoking band. I hate to be in a place where people smoke.. But unfortunately - I dont think we will ever get a ban in Denmark. They've come up with some halfhearted semi-ban, called "smoking policy". Restaurants just have to mark clearly where you can smoke and where you cant.
I did read your earlier posts, but I'm afraid my basic knowledge of your juridical system is too weak for me really to understand what it was all about, except for giving you time to knit .. which is always good.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I'm right there with you on this one, Kathleen

carol said...

I agree its nice to be able to go somewhere and not have to fight through the fog of smoke and come home stinking or worse. But I worry really where all this is leading to. What about the bar owner who wants to allow smoking for those that want to smoke - where does he/her stand? Or our own freedom to do something even if it is stupid and bad for our health. I wonder how long it will be before certain foods/lifestyles are banned because it isn't good for us. Believe it or not, there is a fancy seaside town near to where I live where it used to be against the law to walk along eating ice cream! I kid you not - it got overturned eventually but all it takes is a few powerful people with a loud voice and who knows what is against the law next.
Hope this doesn't seem like a rant, its not - just my opinion.

Kathleen said...

Doesn't come over as a rant Carol, just an expression of opinion and I do accept that there are many other things which are detrimental to health which we could be changing, with or without a nanny-like government to prompt us via legislation, taxation, withdrawal of treatment etc.

I do see how ludricrous the ice creams along the sea front ban is, but part of me still thinks that no-one ever got ill from passive ice cream consumption!

Mhairi said...

Hi Kathleen, like the new Midgie Headscarf, looks like you made good use of your Jury/non-Jury time. I never made it on to Jury, took them 3 days of traipsing up to the High court to tell me this!
As for the smoking ban - hurray!!! Fed up with Fag ash 'Lil's and Larry, and have bad chest thanks to my family's smoking too (that and working in the NHS as an auxiliary nurse!!)
AND I remember Dublin before the smoking ban - whew, talk about smog.

RoxyKnits said...

I totally can't wait for the ban to come into force in England. It really can't come quick enough for me. I never go for a meal or out somewhere that doesn't have a non smoking policy or separate area. My DH is the same too. Who wants to come home reeking??? Plus I have asthma, and it really does affect my health.

Many thanks for stopping by my blog & your lovely comments. It's great to have people's reactions isn't it? Have to admit I think Deep looks better in my photo too, which was a real nice surprise. Its often hard to visualise yourself in something, so the photo worked a treat.

Expect it won't be long now till your back working on yours!