Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One down, forty nine to go!

Okay, now do you see why I wasn't going to go on about my haul? Haven't had this many comments for a while! :-) Thank you for them all.

Well, as you all know, I do not stash, I buy yarn for a project then use it all up ;-0 It's Lent too.
I used up one ball of my Sirdar Indigo today while waiting in the "Unempanelled room". I'm surmising that's a room for people like me who haven't made it on to a panel of jurors yet. As around 40 of us sat in a what is like a wee Airport Departure lounge some people read the same paper about a dozen times, some made huffing and puffing noises and I made a headscarf for myself in Sirdar Indigo, wouldn't you know? One of those wee head kerchief things I discovered last year. Kite-shaped, yo each side of a centre stitch on R/S rows. Made it, as in I've finished it. I have a few embellishments planned up my sleeve though, so it may be a few days before you see it on here.

We hung around for ages, with a lady coming in every now and again to say basically stay where you are, or go for a cup of tea, and then we were let away. Dismissed, bye bye, don't come back.

Well, if only all duties were as easy as that one. And I've got the best part of a midge-repellent scarf to show for it!

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carol said...

The kerchief sounds lovely. I shall look forward to seeing a photo. A bit worried about the comment re midge proof - is it that bad in Scotland?!