Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blue 'n' Stripy #2

Okay, let's try again.

Here's something I've been neglecting lately, it's the back and two fronts (hidden) of a Sirdar Indigo reverse stocking stitch hoodie I'm making for a young member of the family.

It's a lovely pattern, it was taken from a Women's Weekly Knitting Special. You use four different shades of yarn. (It shrinks in length like Rowan Denim.) I was musing on why I've shelved it for a few weeks and I think it's because I have some tough maths ahead of me - I adjusted the length without taking into consideration how it would affect the stripe matching for the sleeves, and I don't quite know how to approach it.

I thought I was doing well knitting the fronts and back together to minimise ends, but I still have nineteen million to sew in. I thought it would look too clumsy to carry the colours up the side, but now I wish I had at least carried the main mid-blue colour. Ah well. I am waiting for word back from Miss Anja's mum to see if it even worth my while to finish it in its current size. Soon see.

Off to the Creative Stitches show at the SECC this weekend. Any of you going?
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Heather said...

Definitely a blue'n stripey theme going on here missus ! That's the trouble with knitting for children tho' you have to knit in quick time or they get no wear at all !

See you soon.

Heather x

Mhairi said...

Didn't get to Craft fair - the joy of having children and their Dad who goes to footie!!
Still - finished back of colinette Giotta cardi - and am waiting for arrival of blue stripey sock yarn (should maybe start a blue stripey knitalong!)