Thursday, March 16, 2006


Okay, I wasn't going to outright lie to you, but I was going to mention the daylight lamp I bought at the SECC for Jonathan's birthday and how wonderful it is for knitting, cross stitch and for screwing tiny little computer parts together in our spare room.

I wasn't really going to go on about the balls of Sirdar Indigo (see Blue 'n' Stripy #2) I bought from Black Sheep.

I wasn't going to bring up that I bought 50 balls of it. Yes, five oh. I should be able to make about 10 grand niece's cardigans or so with that. Ahem.

I've let the cat out the bag elsewhere so I have to come clean here. At least it's all different shades of blue. :-)


Tracy said...

You're winding me up with tales of a daylight lamp for knitting and cross stitch...I'm still squinting in the wintery dreariness at the moment.

Mhairi said...

Kathleen - a daylight lamp, my poor wee myopic eyes dream of one. And FIFTEE balls of Sirdar Indigo. That'll be some jumper !

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Good Grief!!!!

Linda said...

I've been wondering about buying one of those lamps but not yet done it. Fifty balls is impressive!
I've restrained from the 50 balls I need to knit a rug but this may not last.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi KAthleen - can't get into Meet UP today - technology, eh.. Can you tell me when the next Mono meet is - I've got a couple of Tuesdays free.

Sue said...

Oh dear, is there a Y.A?
Yarnaholics Anonymous?

I should join!

Seems your in a blue (stipey) mood at the moment!


alltangledup said...

you bought 50 balls of Sirdar indigo..? I am impressed...

Carol said...

Woa 50 balls of Sirdar! Now that is an impressive haul.

Spinningfishwife said...

Fifty balls? FIFTY BALLS?

Nice stuff, innit? I think I must have nearly 100 balls of Indigo in the attic, now you mention it. Some from Black Sheep, some from my local yarn shop and some from an internet yarn shop where they were selling it at 59p per ball. All in blue.

And some patterns. :-)

(Fancy doing some pattern pooling?)

Debra said...

Well, let me know if you plan to destash! :)