Thursday, August 10, 2006

Four letter words - Y.A.R.N D.I.E.T

Glad you agree with me about my gifts from Sarah.

Now, I must share the good news-

The yarn diet is over!

I survived! Now I'll have find to find something else to witter on about obsessively.
Do you know, in a strange kind of way, I sort of enjoyed it.
I committed to 90 days, and I got to 97 days.

During that period 3583m,

yes three and a half kilometres of yarn, were made into items and 0 m of yarn entered the builiding.

Angel Kathleen says, "May I add at this point that only finished objects were taken into account?"
Devil Kathleen says, "But you finished some things which had been languishing just so you could count the yardage for the whole item towards the yarn diet tally."
Angel Kathleen says, "Yes, true, but at least I got some more finished objects for my trouble and have also cut down the number of WIP, which was getting out of hand."

Normal everyday Kathleen is just so glad it's all over and I have made a tiny bit of an inroad into my stash. I must spend a little time over the next couple of days tidying it up a bit to see if I can spot any improvement.

Fanatics will be wanting to know what yarn signalled the end of my abstemious period. It was Orkney Angora St. Magnus D.K. 50% lambswool 50% angora, bought from K1 yarns last Friday. (See sidebar for K1 yarns.)

Ha ha, I am a free woman!

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Charity said...

Wow! Congratulations on making it! That took a lot of willpower - and look what the result was! What a great way to channel all the yarn buying energy :0)

Anonymous said...

Well done you!!! I'm so proud of you, what an achievement. I'm as impressed by your FO's yardage as I am at your willpower! ;) My yarn diet is almost 6 weeks long and apart from one day when I got a spectacularly good bargain I haven't bought even one skein. Although, in the first week or so I couldn't knit much to the *shakes* from going cold turkey... (or should that be sheep?) ;)

I keep reminding myself I can't buy yarn till the stash is decreased wayyyyy down, but all the lovely new Rowan yarns are long will I last???

Anonymous said...

erm, that should have been "due" to the shakes from going cold turkey...

Am off to knit myself a Dunce Cap...

Sarah said...

I want to see a picture of the neat tidy yarn collection when you clean it all up!

Ali said...

Well I have to say it was worth your while breaking your diet for some Orkney Angora - its soooooo soft. Well done on all the finished projects too!

Mhairi said...

oooh Kathleen - firstly well done you on the Yarn diet, secondly, Orkney angora, I'm sooo jealous.
I am on a yarn diet myself and will not be buying any for 60 days - eek, !
Now, how to avoid John Lewis?

Maggie said...

Hi Kathleen,

Sounds like you've be a very busy knitter indeed! Hope you'll show some photos of finished objects.

Poshyarns said...

Congratulations on the finish line and your celebratory yarn sounds lovely, looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Thanks for your comments on my post, you are right about the girl's dour expression. The photographs in these books are so stunning, really arresting images, I think that is a large part of their charm for me.