Friday, August 04, 2006

Trip to Isle of Staffa

If you look closely you will see this pup is posing with a tiny little perfect wild field orchid! And a dandelion thing.

There used to be a great blog out there called Woolywarbler, where Tracy used to show us all her beautiful colourwork and keep us up to date with the adventures of her doggie Disney. Alas, that blog is no more, and sorely missed, but at least I can show the adventures of our own Disney lookalike, who is called -Disney of course!

Anyway, Disney came with us on our boat trip to the Isle of Staffa, which is an uninhabited island famous for its "Giant's Causeway" type geology. It's quite spectacular really. I have tons of pictures but I've chosen just a few. You get the boat from Ulva Ferry on Mull, enjoy the wildlife en route and then spend a while on the island itself, which is great. While I was away singing in the cave, J was getting dive bombed by territorial birds, which he assures me is not so great. Must ask him what kind they were. Scoors or something. :-)
Added later, the birds are called Skuas. He is English, I was assuming he was swallowing an r somewhere. Posted by Picasa


Dipsy D. said...

My gosh, what a little sweetie Disney is! Thank you for sharing these most amazing pics from your trip - this island looks so fantastic, I'd love to go there one day and see it myself! Great to hear that you had such a wonderful time there!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I used to love that blog too!
Sonja x