Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Midges beware!

Here's the next addition to my arsenal in the war against the midge!

I wanted to try out the stitch pattern for the Kiri shawl (which can be found on the sidebar of All Tangled Up ) and have something usable at the same time. So, voila, another head scarf for the collection, this time with extra sun-reflecting properties.

I used Rowan 4ply cotton and really enjoyed the pattern. Thanks very much Polly.
My only reservation is the edging. When I embark on the full scale version in Orkney Angora I will have plenty of time to work out what I want to do about that. I would like to find an alternative to starting the edging on a half-open leaf. I have a few ideas swimming around so I'll see if I can adapt or come up with something.
This should be a nice clear picture of the stitch detail.

This is the heid bunnet in action. Yes, I look like

a First Communicant

a woman with pants on her head

a Puritan maiden

a schoolgirl from yesteryear

St. Bernadette

a peasant dancer

a nun

a knitting fanatic


but guess what - I LIKE IT!

Real Kiri will probably start tomorrow, all being well. x K


Carol. said...

It looks good whatever other folks might think - and if it keep those midges away then all the better.

Charity said...

I like it, too! I had to cut my hair in a camping fit this summer, and am thinking about wearing these all winter while it grows out. I like this pattern a lot :0)

Ignoble Jen said...

Yes but I just meet you last night without said headscarf and you looked all those things anyway!

Poshyarns said...

More gorgeous lace to tease us with. So sensible to make a usable swatch, the midges won't know what hit them.

Thanks for your birthday wishes.