Sunday, October 01, 2006

£10,000 per day

Didn't you know us top models don't get out of our beds for anything less than £10,000 a day?

The wingspan shot. (There are four more pix after the text.)

Ok, here's the lowdown on Kiri. Thanks for the comments and inquisitiveness so far.
I got the pattern from the sidebar of Polly's blog All Tangled Up . Thank you so much Polly.

I used just short of three balls of Orkney Angora St. Magnus D.K., which is a blend of 50% angora 50% lambswool and is as soft as a baby's bottom. Each ball has 200m of yarn and I purchased mine from K1 yarns which now does mail order, although I bought mine in person. I am really happy with the yarn and have cast on all two stitches for the Flowerbasket Shawl in the olive green shade. This shawl here was done in shade #20, Magenta, which is a very KEDkrafty blog template colour.

I used a 5mm circ for detail hounds and my shawl ended up as 174cm wingspan (just lightly stretched), 75cm from neck to point and 393 stitches total along the diagonals.

I can't imagine that I have missed any relevant details, but no doubt you will surprise me. Fire away.....

It is very snugtastic and although I had a couple of tedious days around the 300 st mark,
I LOVE IT! Posted by Picasa


Emma said...

Fabulous !
It looks fantastic. I love the colour.

KnitNana said...

Your Kiri is gorgeous! And the color...oh my! I adore that brilliant pink!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog!

Charity said...

Kathleen, the Kiri is so wonderful! The modeled photo just shows how lovely it really is :0)

Dipsy D. said...

Well, this Kiri of yours is... fantastic! Perfect, absolutely, and I'm not exaggerating here! I *so* love the pattern, and the color you did it in is so cheerful and happy! Fantastic work, Kathleen!

Ali said...

Your kiri is so beautiful and as I have a ball of the Orkney Angora myself I can imagine how cosy it is too. I hope you get the chance to wear it somewhere special:)

Carol said...

Beautiful picture with the loch/lake/sea/ocean? in the background. It is such a rich yet vibrant colour. Lovely knitting Kathleen - enjoy wearing it.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kathleen, that is one beautiful shawl. I *adore* this yarn - you'll have to bring it along to a SnB soon so we can all have a good fondle ;)

alice said...

lovely shawl--fabulous color!