Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hold the front page...

#1 ...Kathleen seen in company of livestock!

Those of you who know me well in real life know that I do not do pets.
Well, feast your eyes on me going for a walk with my sister-in-law's dog "Gypsy Boss" by Carlingwark Loch!
This is the first time I have taken a dog for a walk since my ill-fated attempt to take Rubber with me when I went to Hardgate Co-op in 1994. This time I brought reinforcements with me just in case.
There has been a slight rapprochement between myself and Chips (Gypsy Boss) recently, but if you look closely you can see I am clinging onto the lead handle for dear life; not quite the animal expert yet.

#2 Kathleen seen knitting with "King Cole" brand yarn.

The Gem Shop in Castle Douglas is running a week long event in aid of the Red Cross on the back of National Knitting Week.
I don't greatly buy into this because it's just an invention by one knitting magazine, but I was still happy to knit my 6" x 6" square for blankets for the Red Cross.
My square is the orangey moss stitchy one in front of the teddy.
I think the shop must have been given some free samples or rejects to use up because in the length of yarn it took me to knit 15 cm square, I had three knots. Anyway, hope the Red Cross can use it. Wouldn't fancy being the sewer-upper on that project. Happy Knitting!

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Maartje said...

Hi Kathleen,
thanks for visitting my blog. Now I´m visitting yours and I´m happy to see these wonderful pictures abaout kntting and your live. A beautiful picture from the coastline and such of beautiful yarn.( I love Lanartus yarn)
I wish you happy knitting all the time!