Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kiri Thank-You

Thank you for all your kind comments about Kiri. I am really happy with it (the perky colour really cheers you up) and glad you approve. I hope to get to the Knitting Meetup on Tuesday to show a few folk in person.

This week I've been finishing off the fingerless mittens for the Charity Sale (in aid of Childline) being organized over at K1 yarns. I knitted a pair in Rowan Kid Classic in Spruce, with a wee oddment of Lilac Ice used too. I enjoyed knitting them but I would observe that if I ever knitted them again I would go down a needle size for the rib, as common sense would dictate, and that I only used about two thirds or so of one 50g ball of Kid Classic. This first time around I followed the pattern provided to the letter. I hope the sale goes really well, but I won't be around to see it myself.

I wanted Kiri to have pride of place in the last post so I didn't say anything about my latest baking. In between posing on beaches and clearing out the stock of the Gem Shop (which has a great but tiny yarn department) I rustled up some honey and lemon cookies. They sound a bit medicinal, but they were yummy. They were from the same book again, Cookies Galore. There were far more than you can see in this picture but I wanted to leave some space to show my lovely Bavarian plate which belonged to m-i-l.

Thank you again for the comments and compliments. x K Posted by Picasa


Poshyarns said...

Kiri is incredible, you are truly becoming the Queen of Lace. I love the colour you chose. I made a very small Kiri once, but seeing yours has made me long for a proper sized one.

Cookies sound lovely, and of course honey and lemon make them practically health food.

Mhairi said...

The Shawl is divine - I love that shade, its just so pleasing to the eye.
And the design comes out really well with that shade.
I think its time for some Orkney Angora!
As for the cupcakes - mmmmmmm, tomorrow I'm experimenting with some cupcakes - sticky toffee ones.
Thank you again, for all your hard work at G SnB , it is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

At last Blogger is letting me post a comment! (I'll blame Blogger rather than my wonky computer!) ;)

I love your Kiri, she is everything a shawl should be, snuggly, elegant and gorgeous to look at, wow! Sorry that I missed her on Tuesday night. :(

P.S. Like the cupcakes too!

Spinningfishwife said...

Beautiful shawl, beutiful colour. One day, I will knit this pattern. One day...

But first, there is Sirdar Indigo. I have nearly as much of this stashed as you have. And i have just seen this...

Elaine, California said...

Hi, I just happened to surf to your blog and saw the Kiri Shawl. It is beautiful. I happen to be knitting the same one with Frog Tree 100% Alpaca sport weight. I wanted a heavier shawl. How many pattern rows did you knit before the edging row was knitted?
Thanks for your help. Keep up the wonderful knitting.