Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Great if you just have one ball of yarn

I've discovered a few things in the last week. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about one of them. One of the newish members at our Glasgow knitting meetup has put me onto a yarn shop in Hamilton.

As in Hamilton where I have been working for twelve years without knowing this place existed.

I'd get over this quite easily if they only stocked Wendy and Patons, but they have Rowan, RYC, Jaeger, DB, Lana Grossa, Lanartus, Sublime, Twilleys, Jamieson and Smith, Artesano Alpaca, Noro, Louisa Harding, GGH, Addi, Brittany, and of course Wendy and Patons, to name the ones that spring to mind.

Probably best to just be grateful that I have discovered it rather than bitter about all those lost purchases over a dozen years. It's called Stitching Time, and is near Hamilton central train station if anyone needs the details. The shop assistant asked me if I was magnetically drawn to the dearest yarns in the shop! "Welcome to my world," I thought.

Bought a few different things including two balls of Lanartus Da Masi in 10450, Plum Delight. (You can get this from Angel Yarns if you're not often in Hamilton.) This forms the basis of my next discovery, which is that with a Gedifra Scarf Net (I got mine from Get Knitted) and one ball of something chunky or fancy or a combination of oddments, you can get a nice scarf. Ideal for Christmas pressies in my book.

The last couple of pix are of how I'm spending my October week holiday.
Livin' it up in Dumfries and Galloway walkin' cyclin' knittin' and suppin' Champagne with my honey. Life is sweet. x K


Linda said...

I can relate to that magnetic field in yarn shops. Its a sign of "class", I tell myself.

Anonymous said...

I kinda know how you feel, although to a far lesser extent: I've been going thru to Hamilton for the past six weeks or so for dental treatment and felt a real pang when you posted about this shop. I've had four occasions when I could have been, not just shopping, but YARN shopping - and what better excuse is there to buy some yummy yarn than to make up for some yukky dental work!

Well, at least we all know about it now (thanks to you Miss K!) and we can concentrate on all the goodies we'll buy in the future. The poor man will be overrun with glesga knitters rummaging around in all his best yarn. I imagine his bank manager will be happy but I'm not so sure about ours... :)

Glad to see you're having a lovely hoiday, hope the weather stays good for you both!


Mhairi said...

As to your last comment - ENJOY! Life sounds good - new yarn shops and holidays in my Aunts homeplace. I AM jealous!

carol said...

Lovely coastline - the weather looks gorgeous. Hope it holds for the rest of half term.
Re the yarn store - just think how much money you have saved?! No consolation I know - but now you know its there, and with good quality stuff too I am sure you will make up for lost time. Enjoy the shopping.....:)

ambermoggie said...

my neck of the woods isn't it wonderful there? CD yarn shop is ok but oh how I wish they would sell proper yarn like Colinette and Noro:)

RoxyKnits said...

Oh my, 12 years!! I'd be both gutted and thrilled. No matter how long its been there, its a new yarn shop as far as you're concerned ;)

I love your Kiri shawl and the colour is amazing.

Poshyarns said...

Oh gosh, I feel for you, 12 years!!! Shocking! But think of the love to come.... I just dream of finding some local gem of a shop but it has never happened, it is somehow lovely to know that it is possible though.