Sunday, May 13, 2007

CD Bag

I've made this drawstring bag from some Ikea fabric.

"Belinda Fabric" 100% cotton, designed by Caroline Abild Jessen 2005 (although I bought it in 2006).
Wait for it...£1.59 per metre! !

It has light wadding and polyester lining and I hand-quilted some of the shapes.

Again, DH gets credit for naming it - the circles on it are like decorative Compact Discs, and of course it is to be used for transporting things like shoes back and forth to CD as Castle Douglas in good old Galloway is known. If it's lucky it may even get to travel further afield.

I've got plenty of this fabric left so I think I'll make a big laundry bag without the wadding for separating out your cleans and dirties while on holiday.

BTW I do still knit and I have one FO and one very nearly FO to show you in a couple of days.

Happy crafting! x K


Sarah said...

Your bag looks like your doily! I love that fabric- it's so fun!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I can feel myself about to break in to the 'Ikea' song...Great bag.

sandra said...

So lovelly bag!

Wee Minty said...

Well done you! It's lovely. Quilting as well? Too much talent for one person!!

carol said...

love the circles - very much in the same theme as the crochet doily.

Ali said...

Lovely bags. I'm with you on the holiday laundry. Mine is usually in a plastic bag!