Saturday, May 19, 2007


Ha ha, she still knits!
This is a blanket for my great nephew- or niece-to-be, maybe for when they are in their pram or buggy when the time comes.
To me it looks nice and wavy like a beach when the tide goes out. And I just happen to have an archive shot of that very phenomenon at Balcary Bay- be prepared, that's my motto. ;-)

I'm sure you can see it is made in the good old Feather and Fan stitch you'll get in any stitch library, but I have only done the eyelets on every second pattern repeat. I did start and end it with
eyelets in every section just to get the scalloped edges good and distinct.

When I first picked up the needles again in 2001(inspired by this book *) John Lewis did its own yarn under the name Jonelle which it uses for its own brand items.

The person or committee who decided to do away with that must have their head in their hands. Canning that range just on the brink of a boom in knitting and handicrafts.

Anyway, this blanket is made of 5 x 100g balls of lilac Jonelle Cotton Rich Easy-Care DK which is a cotton acrylic microfibre blend, very similar in feel and composition to Rowan's All Seasons Cotton although it's DK weight as opposed to Aran weight. Yarn snobs, before you give me pelters, remember that this for a little one and is to be chucked into the washing machine and tumble dryer.

Who says I never use up stash yarn? We were laughing one evening at the knitting meetup at the Tron Theatre that I found a receipt in the bag of yarn. April 2002!

It's 65cm across and 80cm in length so hopefully when junior arrives (s)he can be nice and cosy in the car seat or buggy.

Various views against rocks, sand and DH's beloved new rug.

*I tried to get a link to Rowan mag 29 on Rowan (as you do) , English yarns, Upcountry etc but it seems to be unavailable now. I did get a link to one available on ebay for about two and a half times the original price!


Flavaknits said...

Baby blanket looks lovely - s/he will be cosy in that one. Balcary Bay looks lovely, must go down and visit my aunt in CD soon (Morag never did vome back to the knitting - hope we didn't put her off!)

Midsummer night's knitter said...

How y'all doin'? Haven't seen you in ages. Hope everyone is well, happy and looking forward to summer.

soCherry said...

Hey - looking fantastic! Glad it's finished - it will be cherished for years I'm sure.


heather said...

Very cute - and very practical making it a machine wash yarn ! I know I wouldn't have thanked anyone for handwash only gifts when my lot were babies.

I still have some Jonelle kicking around the stash too. It was a good brand, definitely at the high end of the cheaper brand market.

Wee Minty said...

It's lovely. (As always!)

Was a bit nervous about looking at your blog in case you had been coming up trumps with some other new craft. (Jealousy is a terrible thing!)

carol said...

Feather and fan is so adaptable - and perfect for a baby blanket. Little one will be cosy wrapped in it - and being machine washable it will be a treat for Mom too.

sue said...

I love the blanket, and the color is just beautiful. I think yarns that are machine washable are fantastic for littlies, and I even use some acrylic yarns too for knitting toddlers garments too. At least the mums dont need to worry so much about trying to clean them afterwards then.