Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crochet doily

Ali, could you please email me at about holiday recommendations in Galloway?

Thank you very much for your kind comments about my crochet scarf and patchwork cushion.

The experimentation continues!

I have learned that to make a flat circle you must increase each round by the number of stitches you started with. (Sounds like a card trick.)

So, in this example I worked 12 (British) trebles into the original chain ring.

Round two - Increase one in each stitch, by doing two trebles into each stitch end. (Don't know proper crochet terminology.)

Round three- Increase one on every second stitch

Round four-Increase one in every third stitch etcetera, thus creating 12 new stitches every round.

Still many imperfections, but enjoying the learning process.

If you had told my Home Economics teacher all those years ago I would be making lemon coloured doilies from crochet cotton she would have laughed in your face.

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heather said...

The patchwork and the crochet are both looking lovely ! I'm never quite sure what you do with the doilies tho' ? My grandmother had drawers full of them when she died so I don't think she was sure either ! :0)