Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Sam to give you seven random facts about myself. So, here goes, with some not very deeply delving, blog friendly facts

1. I can't drive.

2. I studied French and Hispanic studies at The University of Glasgow . In order of fluency my foreign languages would be 1-French 2-Spanish 3-Portuguese. I hadn't used my Portuguese for years until recently, when I started reading what the Portuguese online papers had to say about this story . My reading comprehension is still good, but I'd be hard pushed to carry on an in-depth conversation now, my Portuguese having lain dormant since 1993.

3. I am VERY clumsy. My family will immediately vouch for this. My work colleagues were recently surprised when I mentioned how clumsy I was because I have learned to mask it more as I get older. I'm not very much more co-ordinated or dextrous now than I was years ago, but I am more conscious of my capabilities and limitations now.

4. I am VERY messy. This has not improved over the years unfortunately. I actually like clean, tidy places but I find it hard to make it happen and keep it that way. One of my major downfalls is that I don't tidy up until the place is tidy. I tidy up until the mess gets to a level I can live with. Not wise because before very long, just a few things lying around tips it over to unbearable again.

5. I don't see the point of pets whatsoever. Please don't try to convert me, I just don't get it and I am 36 now, I'm not going to get it so save your breath. I do however like to sing Gipsy Kings songs to my in-laws' dog who is the Gypsy Boss. That's more of a coping mechanism than a rapprochement between myself and the canine world.

6. I have seven lovable siblings.

7. I love snugs.

Bonus fact- I have a secret rebellious streak which means that I won't be passing on the meme.

Now go and check out Sam's blog ! x K


Maggie said...

Thank!!! I hate memes...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

What's a snug??

carol said...

What do you mean by snug? The only snug I know is the small, hot and smoky room found in old fashioned pubs - but somehow I think your snug might have a different meaning?

Wee Minty said...

Heather has tagged me - still thinking about it ... and it hurts!

ps I won't be passing it on either - up the rebs!