Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gifts that R-O-C-K !

Ok, to bring you up to speed-
Last year I became friendly with an English Californian knitter called Carol through the Rowan International Home and Hearth exchange.

(She's the girl I made the denim table mats for.)

She's an avid reader of this blog and has got my tastes sussed down to a T.
On a recent trip back to the U.K. Carol sent me these beautiful presents-

Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Socks that Rock
Hand Dyed 100% Superwash Merino Lightweight
in Purple Rain.
Aren't the colours beautiful?
The yarn feels wonderful too.

Abuelita Mexican hot chocolate drink, which is yummy with its cinnamon kick.
There were six (now two!) blocks of chocolatey goodness, which you blend and melt in warm milk - it's rich but not heavy, very tasty.
This one is because of the Spanish connection. She knows I'm a Spanish teacher and likes to keep me up on how Hispanic culture is celebrated in her neck of the woods.

Now the teachery bit-
abuelo = grandfather
abuela = grandmother

If you put the suffix -ito (masculine) or -ita (feminine) onto a noun, it's a diminutive, implying smallness, endearment, affection. So, abuelita means granny or nana or dear old gran or such like, hence the lovely Mrs. Doubtfire lookalike on the packet. Hot choc just like gramma used to make. Yummy.

Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and generosity, Carol xxx.


carol said...

Glad that you liked it Kathleen. Must have another go with the chocolate drink myself - it is a while since I made some at home here. Thanks for the spanish lesson too. My oldest starts spanish next year at school, so no doubt such tips will come in handy.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm socks that rock. I've just started some socks in 'ruby' - so far so good!

Lina said...

What a nice gift! The yarn is beautiful and the "Abuelita" sounds yummy!

Wee Minty said...

Mmmm (on both counts!)