Saturday, September 03, 2005

Coming out of the closet

Hi there, and thanks for all the comments on Fern, Odessa and Kid Classic -Fern seems a popular choice and I'm keen to make a good job of it so I can show you all.

With this blog the news of my addiction to knitting has gone global. Now, everyone who will care to listen knows I love knitting, but I think the blog has been a bit of an eye-opener to the uninitiated as to how obsessed I and my fellow knit-bloggers are. I have come out of the closet. Apart from the odd bit of ribbing (boom boom) from some quarters, it has all been good clean fun and my friend from work has finally asked me to teach her to knit. I think this is something she has been working up to for a while, and she has finally taken the plunge. She's is learning the ropes by making a small mat, and then she wants to go on to a scarf. Go for it Anna!

In my home neighbourhood I have come so far out of the closet that another few dozen locals saw me "styling" my knitting on bushes in Alexandra Park again today. Was a good day for walks in the park so there was quite a bit of through traffic. Also great day for drying 5 tonnes of washing out on the line (new washing machine arrived last Tuesday -yay!)

I took quite a few 2005 knitted goodies and knitting supplies with me, but I'm not showing you them all today, I am rationing them so they will last the week even if I don't take any more pix I'll still have blog photos. :-)

I don't have much progress on Fern or my sock to show you so I took my Emmeline from Rowan 28. Aah, the lovely Emmeline. I knitted it in Rowan Kid Classic, the recommended yarn. This is amazing for me, almost unheard of. Anyway KC is not discontined, but the main colour I used is, so I got it for a very good price at the last Hobbycrafts show at the SECC. I got the contrast colours from . I finished this earlier this summer and I am really pleased with it, it is very easy to wear and is smart enough for work. The only differences between my version and the original pattern is I went up 0.5mm needle size for fit and I took the bell ruffle from the bottom and included it on the sleeves as well. I have fancied that design for literally years, but I finally got the impetus and the means to make it this year.

I first got into Rowan with book 29 which co-incided with my discovery of the then newly opened Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow. Being so fond of that mag I bought the one before, with some really lovely classic designs. I don't know if it's association with rediscovering knitting or what, but those two are just about my favourite Rowan books. There have been highs and lows since, but the rest is history...


Anonymous said...

Have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and this show at the SECC seems to crop up a lot! Any dates for thi autumn? I'm in Aberdeen but could schedule a business trip to coincide!
Emmeline is pretty.

Kathleen said...

Hi Sonja, there is an event this October 20th - 23rd. It is the Hobbycrafts and Craft for Scotland one though, which doesn't have as much knitting stuff as the Creative Stitches one. (Which doesn't have THAT much either may I add.) I would love to go to Ally Pally or even Woolfest to see how it should be done. I will definitely be going to the SECC in Oct, but I don't reckon I'd make a long journey on the strength of it.
Thanks for comments on Emmeline.